LinkedIn: Here’s How to Unfollow a Connection

You can unfollow users without removing them as connections

Did you know LinkedIn allows you to unfollow a connection without actually removing them from your connections list? This will stop their posts from showing up in your feed. Our guide will show you two different ways to unfollow a connection.

Note: These screenshots were captured in the LinkedIn application on iOS.

Unfollow a Connection From the LinkedIn News Feed

Step 1: Tap the three dots in the top-right corner of a post shared by the user you wish to unfollow.

Step 2: Tap “Unfollow [Name].”

Unfollow a Connection From Their Profile

Step 1: On the “Home,” “My Network” or “Notifications” tab, tap the search bar at the top of the screen.

Step 2: Type the name of the user you want to unfollow.

Step 3: Tap the correct user in the search results that appear.

Step 4: Tap “More…”

Step 5: Tap “Unfollow.”

Step 6: Tap “Unfollow” on the confirmation window that appears.

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