LinkedIn Hailed Lyft as Its Top Startup in 2018

The professional network shared trends it spotted in the top 20

Companies must be seven years old or younger, privately held and have at least 50 employees LinkedIn

Ride-sharing giant Lyft is LinkedIn’s top startup for 2018.

To be eligible for the list, companies must be seven years old or younger, privately held and have at least 50 employees.

LinkedIn senior news editor, special projects Laura Lorenzetti said factors evaluated by the professional network while compiling its list included interest in the company and its employees, employment growth, job interest and attraction of talent from the LinkedIn Top Companies.

Companies in the U.S., U.K., Germany, France, India, Australia, Canada and Brazil were ranked based on those factors from July 2017 through June 2018, with Lorenzetti saying, “LinkedIn lists are fueled by a combination of exclusive LinkedIn data mapping the professional landscape and an editorial lens from LinkedIn’s global editorial team.”

Lorenzetti also shared the trends spotted by LinkedIn among the top 20 startups on its list:

  • Rise of the consumer: Today’s booming startups go beyond the bits and bytes of the tech industry, with 40 percent of the companies on the list counting consumers as their No. 1 target. These brands are disrupting everything from cosmetics (Glossier, No. 8) to food (Halo Top Creamery, No. 2) to footwear (Allbirds, No. 29). They are reimagining existing products to suit customers’ changing needs at an increasingly faster pace than ever before.
  • Blockchain everything: Cryptocurrencies have reached an all-time high, and startups have stepped in to help companies and consumers take advantage of that growth. 12 percent of the list is involved in blockchain or cryptocurrencies on some level, whether as a digital wallet (Coinbase, No. 3) or a brokerage (Robinhood, No. 6). And they aren’t niche players anymore. Coinbase has about double the number of accounts as Charles Schwab.
  • Race to autonomy: 10 percent of the list believes a self-driving future is in sight, and they are planning to take that to the bank. Lyft (No. 1) opened its Level 5 Engineering Center in Silicon Valley. Meanwhile, hundreds of miles away, in Pittsburgh, (No. 17) and Aurora (No. 9) are making headway with $1 billion in funding from Ford and ex-Google leadership, respectively.
  • No office, no problem: Top startups are embracing a remote workforce and sourcing leading talent wherever they may be. Second to the Bay area, the next most popular location is undefined, listed as “remote” or “multiple.” Companies such as Halo Top Creamery (No. 2) and InVision (No. 19) maintain all-remote workforces, while those in competitive fields—like autonomous driving startup (No. 17)—list a handful of possible cities for many jobs.
  • Engineers are in demand: LinkedIn data shows that the most jobs available at companies on this year’s top startups list are in the category of engineering. There are more than 900 open engineering jobs across the companies, three times as many as the next most-popular category: operations.

Here are the top 20 startups on LinkedIn for 2018:

  1. Lyft
  2. Halo Top Creamery
  3. Coinbase
  5. Bird
  6. Robinhood
  7. Ripple
  8. Glossier
  9. Aurora
  10. Rubrik
  11. Puls
  12. TripActions
  13. Flexport
  14. Ellevest
  15. Outreach
  16. Samsara
  18. Root Insurance
  19. InVision
  20. Snowflake Computing David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.