How Are You Using LinkedIn Groups?

Lots of people use LinkedIn for business purposes according to comments we’ve received on one of our earlier LinkedIn posts and CEO Jeff Weiner, who addressed the topic when the social networking site reached 100 million users.

With some help from our brave intern Mona Zhang (who did a lot of research), we found a few useful PR groups on LinkedIn. Click through to take a look. And, of course, feel free to go to the comments to add any others you think are worth checking out.

But taking a closer look, it appears a lot of the LinkedIn groups offer opportunities for members to discuss questions about best practices and other PR issues, or offer tips and advice to those in need. In other words, it looks a lot like Quora. So we’re wondering, how else are you using LinkedIn groups? We’d like to do a follow-up post to gather up your thoughts and share on the site, so once again, the comments section is open.

LinkedIn Groups

Network of PR Professionals

Interactive and Digital Media Groups

PR Professionals*

Social Mediopolis


Public Relations and Communications Professionals*

Digital Marketing*

Those with a * after it ask you to join the group first. The others will let you right in.

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