LinkedIn Finally Adds Some Useful Applications

While everybody else has opened up their network to third party apps along time ago, it is only now that LinkedIn is doing so. It may be a little late, but quite frankly I would prefer LinkedIn’s gradual approach to letting third party applications into its network, making sure that only the most useful, business-wise, can get into its system. The current applications available may just be few, but all of them are surely useful for business networking purposes.

LinkedIn has just made available 9 productivity applications – Amazon,, Google, Huddle, Six Apart, SlideShare, Tripit, WordPress and Company Buzz. All these 9 tools are essential tools that would promote greater collaboration and communication feature for the LinkedIn network. In addition, some of these applications will allow LinkedIn members to work more closely with their contacts through various nifty tools such as file sharing, project management, business trips and many more. And all of these applications are valuable for you as a business professional to stay current and competitive in the business market.

Briefly, here’s what these application has to offer to LinkedIn members:

  • Amazon’s Reading list -lets you share a list of books that you are reading, follow updates from your connections and possibly get an idea on what you should probably read next
  • Blog Link – allows you to connect your blog to your LinkedIn profile, hence expanding the reach of your blog and promoting your LinkedIn profile through your blog as well
  • Huddle – provides you with a private and secure online workspaces which are packed with collaboration and sharing tools that would allow you to work with your connections
  • My Travel – lets you see where your LinkedIn contacts are travelling next or find out who among your LinkedIn contacts will be in the same place where you will be travelling to
  • Google Presentation – Honestly, I find this most useful and a great addition to the LinkedIn application facility as it lets you upload .PPT or use Google’s online application to embed presentation on your profile.
  • WordPress – why wouldn’t be this useful? It’s everybody’s favorite blogging platform right on your LinkedIn profile and lets you sync your WordPress-powered blog with your LinkedIn profile
  • Company Buzz – gives you the Twitter activity of your company and lets you view tweets, trends and top key words on the Twitter platform.
  • – lets you manage your important files online and then share them with your friends and business contacts.
  • SlidesShare – one of the most used online presentation tool comes right into your LinkedIn profile to allow you to create simple presentations which you can run online

Clearly, these applications are not your useless applications that just makes your social networking profile smothered with useless widgets and web 2.0 applications.

Hopefully, LinkedIn will continue this current trend in allowing third party applications to enter the LinkeInd network. LinkedIn must maintain its business athmosphere to avoid transforming into another general-no-niche social network,