LinkedIn Acquires Web App Newsle

LinkedIn has acquired Newsle, the machine-learning service that helps surface relevant news about your connections.



LinkedIn announced today that it is acquiring Newsle, the web app that helps surface relevant news from Facebook friends and LinkedIn users. Using machine-learning algorithms, Newsle aims to “deliver important news about the people who matter to you.”

Newsle will continue to operate as a standalone product, while working on integrating its technology with LinkedIn. The three-year-old company has about two million users, and has received over $2.6 million in funding so far. Started by Harvard students Axel Hansen and Jonah Varon, the company’s early success led the pair to drop out of school to work on the startup full time.

From the announcement:

LinkedIn and Newsle share a common goal: We both want to provide professional insights that make you better at what you do. For example, knowing more about the people in your network – like when they’re mentioned in the news – can surface relevant insights that help you hit your next meeting with them out of the park.

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