Launches Language Learning App on iOS


Cross-platform language learning solution has announced the launch of its app on iOS, joining an existing Android application and WebApp. The platform allows users to type or paste words from 18 languages to receive a translation into the language of their choice, and offers learning exercises so users retain the information they’ve translated. supports English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Hebrew and Russian, among others, and stores translated words like flashcards for later practice. These stored words and their flashcards can be customized to better help users remember their meanings. This includes changing the associated picture or example sentence the word is used in. In the app’s practice mode, users can answer translation quiz questions to test their knowledge of those words.

A “read” portion allows users to read real articles in the language they’re learning. If a word is unfamiliar, tapping on it offers an instant translation, and the ability to add it as a flashcard to the word storage area of the app for later practice.

“The availability of on iOS confirms our commitment to provide an open and free language learning solution for users around the globe,” said CEO and co-founder Dr. Jan Ihmels. “The market is growing at a tremendous rate and will be at the forefront, leading the way in language ed-tech with a sophisticated technology unlike any other available today. brings systematic learning to the worldwide web, providing an engaging digital immersion tool for learners from beginner to advanced levels.” is available to download for free on iOS. The app was downloaded over 100,000 times in the first month on Android, and expects that level of success or greater on iOS devices. Additional languages will be added to the platform before the end of 2014.