LifePrint: A Photo Printer as Mobile and Connected as Instagram

Mobile photography is a great tool to stay connected – to your family, friends, or even your favorite brands. However, they are as quick to disappear from our memory as any cat video. Even at one photo a day, a low average, in my opinion, you’re going to end up with over 300 a year. If you want to cherish these images as more than a series of 1’s and 0’s  – you’ll want to print them, hold them, tape them up to your fridge, and maybe even give them away.

To do that, there are many options, but this small printer and app, LifePrint, is perfect for home use. We like its small dimensions, but we also like how it’s able to connect to people we care about. If your mom has a LifePrint, you can send her your child’s image for printing, at any time, using the printer’s social app. It’s like a digital postcard! We also think it’s perfect for events like weddings and birthdays – think of it as a mobile, mini-photobooth.

Instantly share actual photographs with friends and family all over the world. For example, through the LifePrint App, I’ll be able to “follow” my sister who lives in Japan and she’ll be able to “follow” me back. That way, she can send me photos of my new niece from 5,000 miles away, and I can send her photos of me eating In N Out burger in California to make her jealous.