Lernstift Digital Pen’s Gentle Vibration Helps Children Learn Through Writing

As younger generations get accustomed to using tablets and iPhones, handwriting may get lost in the gestures.  Enter the Lernstift, a Linux powered pen that gives a subtle vibration when you make an error.  The pen’s orthography and calligraphy modes are perfect for children learning to write and you won’t even need an app or computer to power the artificial intelligence behind the tiny computer.


Parents can also keep an eye on their child’s learning using the pen’s optional app that tracks data on learning statistics. Since the pen is digital, it can also be programmed to share documents and sketches via its co-writing platform or through social media for school curriculum:

We’re already in contact with education officials who are interested in integrating Lernstift in their curriculum and planning to develop school-based software that works with beamers and tablets or as an alternative to expensive digital whiteboards. This would, for instance, allow teachers to see, in real time, what their students are writing, and to respond instantly. Individual results can be shown and discussed (anonymously, if desired) with the whole class to make the learning experience more engaging.

The beautiful irony is the possibility for future generations to learn an analog skill with technical device. We’ve gone full circle.