10 Awesome LEGO Stop Motion Animations

Check out our pick of ten of the best LEGO stop motion animations on YouTube and see how the world's favorite colorful building blocks are brought to life.

Kids of all ages have been playing with LEGO for more than seventy years, and in recent years people have begun creating video art with them as well to upload to the web. From stop motion LEGO music videos to movie trailer parodies, comedy routines and more, LEGO animation has become something of a craze on the web and beyond. Check out our pick of ten of the best LEGO stop motion animations on YouTube and see how the world’s favorite colorful building blocks are brought to life.

Lego Black Ops

I was inspired to put this list together when I saw an awesome stop motion LEGO homage to the popular first-person shooter Call of Duty: Black Ops. Aside from the fact that the animation is awesome this video has got everything from violence to blood and gore, explosions and more.

Rymdreglage – 8-bit trip

This music video is one of my personal all time favorites. It is a music video for the band Rymdreglage and has got over 8 million views. According to the video’s description it is the result of 1500 hours of moving LEGO pieces around and photographing them. The clip also had the honor of being shortlisted for YouTube Play, YouTube’s collaboration with the Guggenheim.

The White Stripes – “Fell in Love with a Girl”

The White Stripes video for “Fell in Love with a Girl” is also another one of my favorite stop motion clips, directed by Michel Gondry. Pretty cool, eh?

Grease – Summer Nights Lego Stop Motion

If show tunes are more your thing than Rymdreglage and The White Stripes, check out this awesome LEGO stop motion recreation of Summer Nights from Grease. This video has been viewed over 1.6 million times.

Super Lego Mario

When you combine Super Mario Bros. with LEGO, two fun childhood memories, you get something super fun. Check out Levels 1 and 2 of Super Lego Mario below.

Lego Arcade

YouTuber MICHAELHICKOX, creator of Super Lego Mario, also created an awesome Lego Arcade video that features a bunch of classic arcade games, including Frogger, Space Invaders, Pacman, and Asteroids. Is it just me or does this video remind anyone else of ‘Game Over’ by PES?

Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” – In Lego

Lots of music videos have been recreated in LEGO, from OK Go’s treadmill video to the Beastie Boys ‘Sabotage’, and Bohemian Rhapsody. This is my personal favorite LEGO music video – Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’. If you like it, check out the epic ‘Thriller’ LEGO video as well.

The Simpsons Intro Lego Style

Everyone is familiar with the Simpsons Intro, from Bart writing on the chalkboard to Homer taking some sort of toxic light rod out of the plant, Maggie getting scanned at the grocery store and Lisa heading down the hallway of the school with her saxophone. Here’s a remake of the classic intro in LEGO. How cool would it be if they used this in an actual episode?

Circle Circle Dot Dot

Jamie Kennedy and Stu Stone’s ‘Circle Circle Dot Dot’ is one of the most popular LEGO animations on YouTube, with over 14 million views. It was one of the first LEGO videos on YouTube and paved the way for the LEGO trend.

Eddie Izzard – Death Star Canteen

Finally, LEGO animations have been used again and again to go along with the comedy routines of Eddie Izzard. ‘Death Star Canteen’ is the most popular, with over 12 million views. It shows what it might look like if there had been a canteen or cafeteria on the Death Star and Darth Vader had gone down for lunch.