Legendary Games announces Year 0 for Facebook


Indie game developer Legendary Games has announced the upcoming release of its strategy game Year 0 on Facebook. The massively multiplayer online game was built using HTML5, and was created to stand apart from the “typical” games on the Facebook platform.

In Year 0, players are taken to the first year after the apocalypse, as they’re challenged with finding resources and claiming territories before other real-world opponents can do the same.

“Most social and mobile apps are light, cute, targeted at women, non competitive and impossible to lose,” says Legendary Games. “Year 0 is deliberately dark, gritty, targeted at core gamers and highly competitive.”

Year 0 is being targeted at fans who enjoy games like XCOM, Total War, Advanced Wars and sci-fi themed role-playing games. Players will build an army, join up with friends in the game’s “Ally” feature, and take on other players in a race for materials.

“For too long developers and publishers have just made the assumption that Facebook games are for middle aged women wanting to run farms and crush candy,” adds Ewan Lamont, CEO of Legendary Games. “Facebook is a gaming platform just like any other; there is no reason a core game can’t work.”

Year 0 will launch in open beta on Facebook on March 3, and will also be available on the Legendary Games portal. Check back soon to follow Year 0 on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.