Legacy Games partners with Crayola for series of kids’ apps


Game developer and publisher Legacy Games has announced its partnership with Crayola for the development of a series of apps to encourage children’s creativity. The first app is Crayola Color, Draw & Sing, which combines coloring with music. The app was tested with more than 100 children and families in the Los Angeles area, and was further designed in response to this real-world feedback.

In Crayola Color, Draw & Sing, every action unlocks a new portion to a song. This includes using virtual crayons, choosing new colors, using paint brushes or markers. The apps contains 18 different “tracks” for each song, with each track offering a different instrument. This offers a goal for children to unlock all of the musical instruments for each song, which is accomplished while coloring and drawing.

“At Legacy Games, we are committed to developing games that engage children in the creative process,” said Ariella Lehrer, CEO of Legacy Games. “With more and more children using digital devices such as tablets, we recognize the importance of providing them with activities that not only spur the creative process but will also help their development.

“Transferring coloring from paper to the screen is a difficult process, and we were challenged to find a way through the gaming experience to not only teach the children, but to entertain them.”

Crayola Color, Draw & Sing was designed for children ages 2-6, and includes 50 official Crayola colors. Users can also utilize stickers on their images to customize them. The app is available for $4.99 on iOS, and is coming soon to Google Play.

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