LeBron James Gets His Own Animated Web Series

LeBron James, one of the most loved and most despised players in the NBA, is web-ward bound. This week the news is out that LeBron is getting his own animated web series – The LeBrons. The series is coming soon to a computer near you, though the official launch date has yet to be announced, and will star LeBron and several of his alter egos – Kid LeBron, Athlete LeBron, Business LeBron, and Wise LeBron.

LeBron told Dave Itzkoff of the New York Times a little bit about his alter egos that will be starring in the series. “I’m mostly a kid at heart and I’m the athlete, of course, that everyone sees. But I also have a business side, a cool side, and I love antique stuff and classical music. I guess that’s the old man side of me.”

If LeBron’s alter egos look a little bit familiar that’s because this might not be the first time you’ve seen them. They’re animated versions of the characters from a series of Nike commercials LeBron did back in 2006.

I have a feeling this series is going to be pretty good. From what we’ve seen of the characters so far the animation looks great and from the commercials LeBron has done in the past he’s shown that he’s got some acting skills. Though he may not act as well as he plays basketball, he certainly has one up on some of the other NBA stars. I mean, I love Charles Barkley and I think his Taco Bell commercial is fantastic. But would his acting skills (or lack thereof) be enough to make it in his own web series? Probably not.

Itzkoff writes in his article that The LeBrons is set to debut this spring on YouTube as well as on LeBron’s website. He describes the series as being,”Like a latter-day “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids,” each episode will convey a message – the value of staying in school, staying off drugs or sticking by your family – while its character design and wry sensibility owe an inspirational debt to “The Boondocks,” the satirical comic strip and television series created by Aaron McGruder.”

Are you a LeBron fan or foe? Do you think you’ll watch his animated web series?