Children With Learning Differences Succeed Thanks To Project Eye-To-Eye

If you or a loved one has been labeled “learning disabled” or “different,” you’ll want to read this post.

There’s a pretty kickass program out there that’s helping LD/ADHD and similarly labeled kids (and adults) redefine their place in their classrooms and in society. And it’s called Project Eye-To-Eye.

Project Eye-To-Eye is a national (U.S.) mentoring program pairing kids with LD/ADHD with similarly labeled college students, building confidence and encouraging these labeled children to become their own best advocates.

Using an art-based curriculum, individual and group projects guide children to unearth their own potential, in their own way and on their own timetable. . . . Each child learns his strengths and comes to value them. They see that there are many ways to solve a problem. Because they set their own expectations, they aim high, and use their newfound skills and confidence back in the classroom.

And Project Eye-To-Eye goes much further than that. “We’re building a movement of people who learn differently and we’re fighting stigma by raising awareness about what it truly means to have a learning disability or ADHD,” said Shena Vagliano, Communications and Marketing Manager at Project Eye-To-Eye who started out at the nonprofit as a mentor herself.

Twitter has been a great tool for just that, helping them stay on top of relevant news in the field, networking with like-minded partners and building an empowered national community. “Social media has been, and will remain, essential to our community and movement building efforts,” said Vagliano.

The program really seems pretty fantastic and there’s something for everyone – from parents, students and professionals seeking support or teachers looking for ways to reach their students to those searching for a great way to make a difference in their communities.

The mentors make all the difference. They are empathetic, well-trained and deeply committed college students with LD/ADHD who have all faced the same challenges as the children they support. Project Eye-to-Eye kids see a hopeful future in their mentors.

There are 38 Chapters based across the U.S. (that number will grow to 50 this year) – or you can start one yourself. And there are even summer camps.

Here’s a video explaining more about how it all got started and the program’s philosophy:

Be sure to share this with folks who have these learning differences, they’ll be glad you did. And if that someone is you – would this program have helped you had it been available? Please feel free to share your stories with us in the comments.

(Logo from Project Eye-To-Eye)