Social Media Startup LeadSift Raises $500,000 To Help Businesses Use Twitter Data

Remember how we shared what a bust Twitter was for businesses’ Black Friday sales?

Canada-based startup LeadSift wants to be able to combat those low figures by finding people who are tweeting about products or services, and connecting them to businesses that want to market to them.

LeadSift has raised a seed round of $500,000 from Omers Ventures, the fund that invests in other social startups including Hootsuite.

LeadSift uses algorithms to mine Twitter (and Foursquare) data in real-time and use it to generate qualified and targeted sales leads for businesses.

The innovation is in the organization and packaging of all the noise on Twitter into something useful. That concept, as the vast amount of data available via social media continues to grow, is critical.

The future of social e-commerce just got closer.

If LeadSift could help certain businesses reach you, which types would you want them to be? Gas companies (if you tweet asking where the cheapest gas is nearby), restaurants (if you tweet wondering about dinner deals), grocery stores (if you tweet looking for food sales)?

Let us know in the comments.

(Marketer image from Shutterstock)