Latest Ridiculous Title Bringing In Serious Cash: Twitter Butler

You may laugh at folks calling themselves Twitter ninjas, gurus and evangelists for having such ridiculous titles (and if you aren’t, you should be), but here’s a title that will not amuse you: Twitter Butler.

Okay, we lied about it not amusing you – but “butling” tweets is serious business. And it’s an attractive add-on for those willing to spend $47k for this hotel package.

The latest extravagance for the rich and bored is apparently having a social media butler. Oh, you hadn’t heard? How poor of you.

Don’t worry, if you don’t have a social media butler and you’re in town for the Inaugural Ball, you’re in luck. According to CNBC, you just need stay at The Madison Hotel and request their “Inaugural Town and Country” package and fork over $47,000.

That buys:

  • A 4-night stay for two in one of the Madison’s Presidential Suites
  • A private Lincoln Town Car and driver
  • A private tour of D.C. with 22 of your closest friends
  • A $5,000 shopping “experience” at Brooks Brothers
  • A night at the Landsdowne Resort with a couple’s massage

And, of course, that “Dedicated Social Media Butler.” [A.k.a. Twitter Butler]

Who is this Twitter Butler? Victoria Devine of Anchor Media:

And what will she do, exactly?

Devine will “chronicle your Inaugural experience so your friends and family can follow your adventures on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.”

Don’t get all “that isn’t authentic/the way social media should be done!” If she’s offering it, folks will come. Guaranteed. Holy cheesesticks, she’s smart, hmm? Come on, you know you wish you thought of this first.

And don’t worry – if you can’t afford this package, we’re guessing Devine will offer her services a la carte.

(Butler image from Shutterstock)