Lady Gaga Shares the PR Love

The Gaga PR machine rolls on. Literally. The woman zip-lined her way onto the stage this morning on Good Morning America. GMA wisely promoted a hashtag for the visit, #BornThisGMA, which is trending.

According to ABC News, Gaga’s new album “Born This Way” is expected to sell 800,000 copies in the first week and she has four songs on the Top 40 charts.

Billboard is actually predicting sales of one million copies this week, thanks in part to Amazon, which is re-jump-starting its promo, selling the album for 99 cents and giving customers free 20 GBs of cloud music storage with the purchase.

Earlier this week, a crush of fans overloaded the site. But, Fast Company notes, Amazon announced, “this time we’re ready,” which may turn the backlash into three cheers from Little Monsters everywhere.

If that’s not enough — and there never is enough Lady Gaga — the first product from her deal with Polaroid, a wireless printer, is on the shelves. In case you missed it, FlavorWire has a round-up of things they learned about Gaga during her one-hour MTV documentary Lady Gaga: Inside the Outside. And the singer’s “goo diet” has launched a run on baby food. I can’t even. Let’s stop the madness with a little “Bad Romance,” seriously one of the best music videos ever recorded.

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