Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance Is Officially The Most Viewed Video On YouTube Ever

The reign of ‘Charlie Bit My Finger came to a close today as Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” surpassed it and became the most viewed YouTube video of all time. ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ has held the number one spot for views since August 2009, when it outshone “Evolution of Dance“. Lady Gaga’s video, which was first posted last November, currently has close to 179 million views.

What makes this feat truly amazing is that Lady Gaga succeeded in moving up to the number one spot in only a few months. It took over two years for Charlie Bit My Finger to earn the title.

So what is it that makes Lady Gaga’s video so popular and so viral? For starters, people love the song. Bad Romance has been in the top of the Billboard Charts since it’s release in November and it’s likely that thousands, if not millions of fans have watched the video to listen to the song alone. The video also offers that unique Lady Gaga “je ne sais quoi” and fashion appeal – chock full of weird outfits and high fashion. Of course, the fact that the video is packed with half naked women doesn’t hurt things.

This video has taken off at such a fast rate one can only ask, how long will it be before her other music videos follow suit and make their way to YouTube’s number one spot?