LA PR Agency Owners Duped By Bruno


Did you see Bruno this weekend? The general reaction PRNewser received from friends and acquaintances was along the lines of “it was funny and had its moments, but it wasn’t as good as Borat.”

If you did see the movie, you may remember a scene where Bruno scams his way into meeting with a PR agency, under the guise of being interested in their services. The agency was LA-based Duet PR, run by twin sisters Nicole and Suzie DeFosset.

In the scene, Bruno asks the ladies, “What charities are hot right now,” to which they answer, “Darfur.” Exactly. He then goes on to ask them about the location about Darfur and well, it just gets worse from there. It certainly wasn’t the most flattering appearance, but to Bruno it was mission accomplished.

The twin PR execs gave the following statement to BlackBook this weekend, after finally seeing their appearance on the big screen:

We just saw the movie and thought it was hilarious and Bruno is a comedic genius. We were directed on playing up the blonde roll (sic) and they definitely captured those parts! Like all reality shows it was cleverly edited and we are excited to be apart (sic) of a successful film.

Well played. There is not much else one can do in the wake of being tricked by Sacha Baron Cohen, so one might as well take it in stride.