Kwittken Makes First Acquisition Outside North America

As we mentioned in this morning’s Ticker, kwittken & company has made its first acquisition abroad, sealing the deal with London’s Epoch PR, increasing the firm’s U.K. presence from four to 15 people. Here’s a little more detail.

Kwittken opened its European HQ last year. The firm has grown revenues by 45 percent and staff by 75 percent since it became a kbs+p partner company. The financials of this deal weren’t disclosed.

Going forward, Epoch will be known as kwittken + company, maintaining its team. Epoch was founded in 1994 by Christopher Clarke and Sarah Mulder, focusing on technology, financial and professional services, the environment, and other sectors across corporate and B2B markets. The management team will now report to kwittken’s CEO and managing partner, Aaron Kwittken.

Miles Nadal, founder and chairman of MDC Partners (kbs+p is an MDC company), recently wrote in a PRWeek column that while advertising is still the driver of his business, PR is increasingly important.

“PR professionals today are in an enviable spot, in a virtual playground where they have dozens of unique arenas to proactively elevate a client’s visibility or jump on damage control,” he wrote. “Those who have the dexterity to navigate these arenas will continue to take an increasing amount of a company’s marketing budget. This is why we are investing so heavily in PR, and will continue to do so until we have the right mix of expertise.”