Check Out Kred Story: A Visual History Of Your Social Media Influence

What’s the most popular content you’ve shared on Twitter? Who retweets you the most and where does your influence lie?

Kred knows. And they’re allowing you to view YOUR Kred story and the stories of others – for free.

FYI: This goes well beyond listing topics, it drills down and tells you where (geographically) you’re influential, the most mentioned words about you and just so much more.

You’ll want to check out your Kred Story if only to see what “story” you’re putting out there about yourself!

Before we jump in to Kred Story, you need to know what Kred is: It’s an online-influence measurement tool that’s keeping Klout on its toes.

And Kred Story takes things one step further, offering an easy and visually appealing way to see what folks are interested in and where they are influential. But what does it show exactly?

Viewers can see anyone’s social presence as a forest from an overhead view, then zoom in to explore individual trees like their posts [links and photos] or people they interact with. ‘Infinite scrolling’ allows viewers to pinpoint the content that was most influential on a particular date.

Kred Story streams can also include images of ‘real life’ influence as Kred Moments, which can include personal or professional experience, memberships, awards, degrees or anything else that indicates leadership in a community, may be added to a Kred Story by uploading proof of the achievement.

What’s your Kred Story? Here’s mine:


“Kred Story is the culmination of many years of research by PeopleBrowsr. It shifts the emphasis from scores and data to people and their content,” said Andrew Grill, CEO, Kred. “Kred Story gives everyone access to social data in an intuitive format that enhances their social media experience. It makes influence metrics useful for all of us.”

And the best part? Thanks to Kred’s far-reaching access (four years worth), if you had a favorite #hashtag conversation you wanted to reread, you could pop it in to the search criteria in Kred Story and voila! #CountriesbyVogueWriters lives again!


This hashtag search function also works well to track trends, events and so on.

With all of this offered for free, kinda makes one wonder what they can uncover for folks sporting a paid account, hmm? Wow.

“Kred Story is exciting because it doesn’t just rely on a number. It goes much, much deeper than that, allowing any business to evaluate any potential customer’s level of influence on multiple levels, in real time,” said Peter Shankman, Founder, HARO and CEO of The Geek Factory. “The customer service implications for this are mind-blowing. Kred has figured out how to make social influence worthwhile and beneficial to everyone.”

So do you want to check out your Kred Story? You’ll need an invitation to access it – and you can get one here.

(Timeline image from Shutterstock)