Kraft Is On A PR Binge

Have you noticed a lot of Kraft-related stuff lately?

Over the past couple of weeks, Kraft Mac & Cheese has been executing the “Mac & Jinx” program. Two people who tweet the phrase “mac & cheese” get a link to “Mac & Jinx” with the first one to clickthrough getting a free t-shirt.

Yesterday, Stride gum announced that Shaun White, the snowboarding Olympic winner and number two most powerful athlete according to Bloomberg Businessweek, had signed on to be its spokesperson.

And last week, Athenos, the hummus brand released a number of new advertising spots that caused controversy, particularly one where a Greek grandmother said that a young woman was dressed “like a prostitute.”

Maria Anagnostopoulos, program director at The Greek Institute, told USA Today that the commercials were “not appropriate from a Greek perspective.”

“Athenos has taken a very different approach to marketing this year with a creative campaign centered on what the Athenos brand stands for, which is products made the Greek Way – simply and with respect for ingredients,” a spokesperson for the brand told us in an e-mail.

“Creatively we bring that to life through a funny, witty, yet relatable traditional grandmother, Yiayia, to establish a stronger connection between us and consumers.”

The e-mail went on to say that there are no plans to change the campaign “due to the largely positive response.” Edelman is providing Athenos with PR support* and Athenos is supporting the brand and its products with social media, in-store outreach, and other marketing initiatives.

So for better and a little bit of worse, Kraft is spreading its consumer message far and wide. In fact, Kraft is launching Oreo cookies in India.

Another addition: There’s also the campaign for Kraft’s new water flavoring product MiO, which has a Facebook page with all sorts of  info and video featuring a Will & Grace-era spokesperson, Sassy Gay Friend. Just Jack!

*Correction: Previously, the post stated that Edelman was working on PR as well as these other efforts. Edelman is only offering PR support. We apologize for the error.