fbFund Reviews: Koofers

-Koofers Logo-We’ve decided to do a series of application reviews covering the fbFund phase one participants. As I wrote yesterday, there will be voting taking place today through November 30th. The first application that we’ve decided to write about is Koofers, a recent recipient of the first round of funding from D.C. based LaunchBox Digital.

Currently the application has not been launched on Facebook and is instead a destination site but I assume that the developers are in the process of porting the application over to Facebook. Koofers is an educational resource for students, enabling them to share documents, view grades, rate professors, and participate in course discussion.

When Facebook removed their course application last year, they encouraged developers to rise to the challenge of providing an effective substitute. One application, Courses 2.0, has been relatively successful with over 90,000 active monthly users, but the application has lost momentum since the site redesign.

The main emphasis of Koofers is not to share course schedules, as Courses 2.0 does, but instead the sharing of tests, quizzes, and other course documents. If you graduated from college then you probably know how useful prior course documents were in passing tests, especially when a professor decides to use the same test as the prior year.

I previously wanted to develop an application like this when I graduated college but thankfully Koofers has appeared to fill the gap. The biggest challenge for Koofers now will be to gain traction. With $250,000 in funding though (if they win the final round of the fbFund), I doubt traction will really be a substantial issues. If you want to try out their product you can visit Koofers.com and demo it for yourself.