Kontagent’s Social Analytics Suite V2.0 includes Event Tracking and Funnels

Social application analytics platform provider Kontagent today launches Social Analytics Suite v2.0. The update includes new features such as social event tracking for monitoring user actions, and dynamic funnels for visualizing drop-offs in installations, monetization, sharing, and more. Social application developers can utilize Kontagent’s tools to analyze all their users, not just a sample of them, allowing for accurate A/B testing at a lower cost than traditional analytics platforms.

Kontagent, a fbFund winner, helps Facebook, iPhone, and other social network platform developers perform cohort and virality analysis, allowing them to optimize their apps. The company now tracks 70 million monthly active users and 150 million unique monthly users for clients including PopCap, Tencent, and News Corp. Kontagent operates on a freemium model, offering a free basic service, premium plans ranging from $200 to $3,000 a month, and more expensive full-service, end-to-end enterprise-class social analytics packages.

Kontagent charges on a per user basis instead of on a page-centric, per event basis like traditional analytics tools like Omniture. Kontagent CEO Albert Lai explains that since there are “magnitudes more events before monetization can happen” and lower returns per user in social games than in e-commerce, social game developers end up having to pay too much or analyze too little when being charged on a per event model. By only tracking a sample of users, developers may lose data on lucrative whales, outliers, and details on specific demographics. With Social Analytics Suite v2.0, developers are “not penalized for running more tests or tracking more events. More events tracked means more accurate data, more success, and the more you’ll be happy to pay. We all end up winning.”

New to this release is ability to track the social actions taken by user. Data is accompanied by user profiles of demographic characteristics and cohorts. Data is reported hourly, giving developers enough data to quickly see the results of tests, but without the expense or scalability issues of real-time data reporting. Enterprise clients also have the option to access a raw data feed.

Also new is the ability to view funnels of social events, like those in the Nanigans Ads API tool, making it easy to see where apps are hemorrhaging install, sharing, and monetization potential. Events tracked by the funnels can be dynamically swapped out, causing data to be recalculated to show how different factors such as users creating a female vs male avatar, or buying a virtual boat instead of a house influence outcomes. The insights help developers make decisions such as how many times a user should visit the application before being presented with sharing options to maximize virality.

Facebook ads monitoring shows not only how many installs were generated by ads, but how many additional users were brought in organically due to sharing by those who installed. Being able to accurately measure the second degree of influence users have allows for more accurate user lifetime value predictions. Knowing that a paid install actually generates a certain number of subsequent unpaid installs is key to being able bid above competitors for ad space.

Other features include the custom chart creator which allows developers to mash up data on standard or custom defined events. Charts can be annotated for easy sharing of insights within a company. Granular permission settings on users or chart types help ensure only those who need access to a developer’s most sensitive data have it. Engineers can be given a view of the data without real monetary terms, which are only shown to executives. Clients also receive anonymous, aggregated data on monthly trends from across Social Analytics Suite v2.0 users, allowing companies to determine if changes in the bottom line are due to their decisions, or due to industry-wide situational factors such as holidays or platform changes.

While Kontagent produces great volumes of data, clients must still deduce the optimal decisions for themselves. The current release does not include AIs which can make suggestions of how to change a product based on the data, or automatically make changes or alert clients when certain thresholds in the data are reached. Social context and Facebook Ads for Applications data are also not yet included in ad tracking.

While Kontagent’s Social Analytics Suite v2.0 can help large developers manage their immense amounts of data, it also enables smaller, independent developers to gain insights from tools that would have been far to expensive to create in-house. By outsourcing analytics tool development, developers can focus on optimizing their games and finding the next breakthrough viral mechanic.