Kongregate Launches Battlehand Card Battle Game on Mobile

The card battle game challenges players to defeat the evil Queen Amethyst and her minions.

Kongregate has announced the release of Battlehand on iOS and Android. Developed by Another Place Productions, the card battle game takes players to the land of Fellcrest, and challenges them to defeat the evil Queen Amethyst and her minions.

Battlehand features 130 cards to collect and more than 200 quests to complete. During each turn-based battle, players drag attack cards from their hand onto enemies to attack them, while defense cards can be dragged onto friendly characters to shield them from enemy attacks.

Battlehand Screenshot

Some cards contain perks that may be activated when they’re played to the board. For instance, one perk may stun an enemy for a set number of turns, while another may cause burn damage to an enemy, and so on.

As players complete battles, they receive prizes like coins and new cards for their decks. Users will also collect booster cards over time, which can be used to upgrade a card’s stats. Battlehand has 10 heroes at launch, each with their own set of cards to manage and upgrade.

Gamers will level up as they complete battles and quests, which allows them to unlock new heroes, battle modes and dungeons. In addition to the game’s campaign mode, Battlehand offers an endless gauntlet mode and a player-vs-player arena.

In a statement, Kevin DuPuy, Kongregate director of production, commented:

We’re thrilled to be working with Another Place Productions. The team’s experience developing AAA games really shows through in BattleHand. BattleHand is an innovative take on the card battle genre, with stunning visuals and great design, exactly what you would expect from a team like Another Place.

Battlehand is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The game supports in-app purchases for things like premium currency and card packs, as examples.

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