Kobo Launches UK-Specific Online Store


Kobo, the eReader app and store formerly known as Shortcovers, is aggressively trying to make a big splash with its rebranding (which happened just before the new year). Kobo has just launched a UK-specific online storefront with books from all the major publishers from that side of the pond (they have lots of the same ones, but then they have crazy things like Faber & Faber, which over here is just a little FSG imprint).

According to Pocket Lint, while Kobo is similar to most other eReader apps, “Where Kobo hopes to stand out…is in the use of open formats like EPUB and the ability to keep multiple devices in sync–actively encouraging you to shift your books between more than one gadget.” Perhaps this is a newer idea over in the UK.

The company also recently announced it was hard at work on apps specially built for tablet computers (read: iPad), which the company said it would launch this month.