Kobe Bryant Will Star In Facebook Game

Kobe Bryant will star in a Facebook game that Endemol USA and 6Waves are developing and he'll have creative input.

Kobe Bryant will appear in a Facebook game that Endemol USA and 6Waves are creating, and the basketball star will have creative input during the development process.

The companies’ joint press release on the partnership didn’t include much detail about the forthcoming game. However, it did say that the application might integrate with Kobe’s online video series, Dream Makers.

The release also states that the players might win real prizes, including autographed souvenirs and tickets to Lakers games.

Endemol USA will arrange for corporate sponsorships of the game, while 6Waves will deal with the development and distribution of the application.

The rather obvious detail missing from the release: Will this be a basketball game or something else altogether?

Basketball-themed games appear to be more popular on platforms other than Facebook. That could amount to an open opportunity, or it could be a sign that perhaps the social network isn’t the most optimal for the big orange ball.

While it would make sense to depict Kobe’s sport, it might make even more marketing sense to have a free version that doesn’t involve an orange ball at all.

A free game could somehow promote another application that costs money and in fact involves playing basketball. The freebie could be about getting Kobe to the court, or something along those lines.

Readers, what do you expect to see from Kobe Bryant’s partnership with the two companies?