ALERT: Knob Face Virus Is A Facebook Hoax

-Error Icon-Since last night’s article we’ve heard from numerous sources that the “Knob Face” virus, which appears to be a spelling error, is actually a hoax. There is no actual threat, although Koob Face, which is the proper spelling of the virus, is one of the more popular Facebook scams. In this case, the Barack Obama association appears to be made up as well as Smartgirl15. In other words, nothing about this update is accurate or helpful. You should go on with the rest of your day as scheduled as you are not at risk.

The incredible pace of which these updates are spreading is pretty incredible. It shows how effective Facebook can be for spreading information, whether or not it’s accurate. As mentioned last night, the message spreading around Facebook states:

Virusspreading like wildfire onFaceBook!! It is a trojan worm called “knob face”. It will steal your info, invade your system and shut it down! Do NOT open the link “Barack Obama Clinton Scandal”! If “SmartGirl15” adds you, don’t accept it; it is a virus. If somebody on your list adds her, ……then……. you get the …………virus too!! Copy and paste to your wall

The ability of these messages to spread so quickly may provide some insight into those looking to develop their own viral Facebook notes or wall posts. The fact that the messages ends with the call to action, “Copy and paste to your wall”, is probably the most significant take away from this message. One would imagine that Facebook would have a system in place to prevent false information from spreading around so quickly.

Do you think Facebook should implement a system to alert users that what they are about to post about is a rumor? Do you think this would impede freedom of speech?