Knight News Challenge 2014 Winners Announced

The challenge was to create a project to promote a free and open Internet.


The ideal of the Internet is as a vehicle for free and open information exchange. While Net Neutrality is being debated, there are plenty of people still working to protect and promote the idea of a free and open Internet.

To wit, the Knight, Ford and Mozilla Foundations collaborated on a competition calling for projects to help promote an open and accessible Internet — and the winners were announced today. The 19 winning projects include solutions to address the issues ranging from diversity in the tech work force, to privacy and censorship.

“With threats to privacy, security and access to the web intensifying, there is a real craving for a more open and trustworthy web,” said Mark Surman, executive director of the Mozilla Foundation.

Among the winning projects was, created by the Electronic Frontier Foundation to collect information about censorship online and protect expression and freedom of speech on the Internet.

Open Whisper Systems also had a winning project called Text Secure, which created a secure text messaging app that requires no special information from the users.

Other winners include:

  • CertDig: a system for secure data authentication
  • Poking the Bear: a system to detect and prove net neutrality violations on mobile networks
  • Safe Travels Online: a system to help protect people from malicious software, cyber-attacks and digital survalence
  • Report-a-Troll: a platform for safely reporting online harassment.

Click here for more information about the winners of the Knight News Challenge.