Klout Kicks It Into High Gear With New Scoring Algorithm

Yes, we know you despise Klout and any other attempt at ‘rating’ your online activity for whatever reason.

But Klout just rolled out a new scoring mechanism that’s worth another look – so check it out.

Klout has apparently spent the past several months making updates to improve the accuracy, functionality, and transparency of Klout. And today, it announced “some of the most significant product updates in Klout’s history.”

  • Increased accuracy with an updated Klout Score that now includes significantly broader data sets and signals, including our first steps towards including real-world influence. And according to VentureBeat, Klout “now factors in 400 different social media signals, which is up from 100 signals previously. Klout also analyzes 12 billion total data points, up from 1 million, on a daily basis.”
  • Klout now includes many more actions from Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more, and for the first time, incorporates Wikipedia as a signal. What “actions” does it include specifically? It’s too long to screenshot for you, check out the page here.
  • And it promises more transparency through a new feature called “moments” that showcases your most influential social media activity—the times when your ideas most impacted and touched the people in your world.
  • All of this is to be wrapped up in an elegant new site design that emphasizes your best content from across your connected networks.
  • Interesting. But what does this mean for your score? Some folks will go up, others will go down – just as they did the last time Klout tweaked its formula.

    Whether or not the result will be more accurate remains to be seen, but “moments” does sound promising and there are more measurements ‘in the works,’ including YouTube, Tumblr, and more.

    Here’s video from Klout’s CEO explaining the new look and features – and why you’ll want to pay attention to this “social resume.”

    What do you think? We know potential employers are checking you out online. Does your Klout presence help – and does NOT having a presence on Klout potentially hurt?

    (Influence image from Shutterstock)

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