Klout Comes To Facebook

Klout, the most popular influence measurement tool for Twitter, has now expanded their offering to Facebook. Brands can engage their fans on Facebook using Klout influence scores, tailoring their Facebook experience to the Klout score of their fans.

Audi USA is one of the first brands to deploy the new Klout Facebook integration on their page. And with 3.5 million fans, this is quite the large-scale roll-out. Fans who visit the Audi Facebook page will be able to sign up to see their Klout score, and receive a special Audi digital Perk for doing so.

The Klout/Facebook integration is in partnership with Involver Inc. This means that any brand currently using Involver’s Facebook applications will be able to dynamically change each user’s experience based on their Klout score.

So, for instance, brands could show different landing pages to their Facebook fans depending on their Klout score. They could even offer exclusive perks to their major influencers, or those with the highest Klout score. As influencers are those most likely to share content on Facebook or Twitter, giving them exclusive access to content means it will be more likely to be shared.

Involver’s technology is being used by over 400,000 brands on Facebook, so this is a huge move for Klout. They are currently the standard for influence on Twitter (although PeerIndex is doing its best to close the gap), and now they’ll be one of the only influence measure tools on Facebook, too.

Joe Fernandez, founder and CEO, Klout, has this to say about Klout’s new moves:

“Facebook represents a huge opportunity for brands to connect with their fans and deliver a unique experience. The real value for brands comes in being able to personalize and customize that experience based on specific attributes of individuals. Involver helped us make Klout scores actionable for brands and agencies on the most influential social platform out there.”