KLM Hires a Cute Dog to Return Your Lost Items, Win Our Hearts

Sherlock is a walking, sniffing, barking promo for KLM.

If you’re flying KLM, you may want to purposely leave something on the plane when you get off. Then you will get a visit from Sherlock, the beagle that the airline has hired to sniff out the owners of those lost items. He’s also the star of this video that will surely be passed around to a chorus of “awwws.”

The airline’s “newest team member” was surely chosen for his talents on camera as much as his keen nose and ability to wear a vest like nobody’s business.

Sherlock works at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. He’s basically a walking promo for the airline and, online, he taps into our insatiable need to watch animals do cute things.

Moreover, the time and effort that KLM has put into training him and trying to return these lost items is an effective message for travelers. According to the video, they not only scour the planes but also social media for mentions of lost items.

We already see comments on the airline’s Facebook page from people planning their next KLM flight.