Case Study: Kixeye teams up with Salesforce to maximize Facebook ad power, minimize costs

Kixeye, makers of popular Facebook games like Backyard Monsters and Battle Pirates, deployed Salesforce’s to manage its growing volume of Facebook ads to lure more gamers, maintain fidelity of existing users and maximize the profitability of each game.

The move allowed Kixeye to improve the productivity of its marketers, up profits from existing acquisition channels and slash overall advertising spending, according to consulting firm and purveyor of return on investemnet studies Nucleus Research. Kixeye previously used Facebook ads alone, but found it tougher to manage and scale its campaigns, the company says.

Using a marketing platform allowed the 6-year-old browser-based gaming outfit to:

  • Avoid a 15-percent jump in yearly ad costs
  • Extend games’ acquisition life cycles by a half-year
  • Improve user productivity by 7.5 percent

The gaming company wanted to maximize the yield of its marketing efforts: To attract loyal and avid gamers for the least amount of monty possible, but also keep them active. As games get older, it gets more challenging to keep users faithful. Keeping them engaged through social media channels, however, extends the lifetime value of the game by encouraging users to try new features or introducing them to another game produced by the same company.

Kixeye tried to advertise on Facebook with that goal in mind, but found the task time consuming, taking time away from growing the company by investing so much in maintaining a current customer base.‘s business-strata client services allowed the game-makers to manage the campaigns more efficiently, says Kixeye User Acquisition Director Mark Braatz:

We’re extremely focused on yield: The lifetime value of a user versus the acquisition cost. With, we can leverage monetization data within the tool to instantly measure the yield of a campaign and make decisions that increase revenue and margins.

Because mixes campaign performance data with downstream engagement metrics in a single interface, the gaming company’s marketers could quickly gauge the efficacy of a campaign by adjusting the target market to boost ROI. The system’s ability to automate campaign launches and streamline custom audience targeting allowed the marketing team to focus on optimization instead of building new campaigns from the ground up. Nucleus Research states:

In the world of online gaming, engagement is critical to attracting and retaining high quality gamers. Moving to enabled KIXEYE to have greater visibility into its acquisition and retention efforts. The KIXEYE marketing team now spends less time managing campaigns and more time optimizing the impact of each acquisition channel. In the world of social advertising, Nucleus has found that many companies succeed by being able to do more with fewer resources. Particularly for small growing firms, applications like provide the technology and support to fuel that growth.

Top image courtesy of Kixeye’s Facebook page.

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