Jennifer Wadsworth

3 ways to ramp up your Facebook login conversion rates

Facebook recently launched a guide to help companies optimize their app’s login conversion rates – ideally pushing them above 70 percent. Following the best practices spelled out in the Login checklist published […]

Former Facebook analytics manager Mohammad Sabah joins Identified

The man in charge of data science and analytics at Facebook has left the social network to take on a similar role and data and analytics company Identified. Newly-minted Identified […]

Facebook SPMD Kenshoo unveils demand-driven Facebook marketing tool

A just-launched marketing tool tracks product-specific consumer preferences and adjusts social ads accordingly to further drive that demand. Kenshoo Social, a Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer in ads, introduced a […]

Facebook wins $3 million, injunctive relief in spammer lawsuit

After a years-long battle in court, Facebook won a $3 million-plus cash settlement and permanent injunction against the company behind, a now-defunct website that set out to create a one-stop […]

Facebook releases guidebook to help teens safely navigate the online world

It seems that every day we hear stories of sexting, cyberbullying and teens otherwise behaving badly in the digital world. But for the most part, young Facebook users know how […]

New marketing tool helps telecom companies measure Facebook success

Facebook launched a new tool Thursday that gives telecommunication carriers and operators a clearer picture of how their advertising on the social network impacts online and offline sales. Telco Outcome Measurement […]

Can Facebook bring Internet access to 5 billion more people?

Mark Zuckerberg wants to add 5 billion more Facebook friends. Well, not exactly. But he does want to expand the Internet’s reach to 5 billion more residents of this increasingly […]

Kenshoo launches Halogen Technology to predict ROI goals, adjust Facebook ad campaigns to meet forecasts

Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer Kenshoo unveiled a technology Monday that forecasts return on investment goals and automatically adjusts ad campaigns to meet those benchmarks. Kenshoo Halogen Technology gives marketers insight and visibility into […]

Case Study: Kixeye teams up with Salesforce to maximize Facebook ad power, minimize costs

Kixeye, makers of popular Facebook games like Backyard Monsters and Battle Pirates, deployed Salesforce’s to manage its growing volume of Facebook ads to lure more gamers, maintain fidelity of existing users […]

Facebook SPMD Brand Networks partners with Planalytics to factor weather into marketing campaigns

Weather affects the way people shop and dine, which sounds odd until you think about it. The state of the skies often steers us to buy and eat a certain […]