Kissing Gets Its Own Social Network

kissingGet your breath mint ready, pucker those lips and let’s smooch! It could win us $1,000,000!, a social networking site designed to meet new people, celebrate romance and pay homage to kissing, is looking for photos and videos of you saluting the tongue tango.An offshoot of the site, TheMillionDollarKissingContest, has a chance for you to get rich. The person(s) who have the most popular video by the end of the contest will win $1,000,000.

While certainly looks like a decent site, I was instantly suspect of such a large prize from a site that was generated (I think) through Ning. So, after a bit of reading, here’s the catch.

“The prize fund is generated through advertising on KISSING.TV and in addition to contributions by our contest partners. If your video has the most views on when the prize fund reaches $1,000,000 – YOU WIN THE MILLION DOLLARS!”

So the odds are, if you’re lucky enough to win, you will walk away with a much smaller amount. Still, the possibility of a seven-digit prize exists.

Videos and photos could have anything to do with kissing – not necessarily the act. All you need to do is create original content and then upload it to AND YouTube.

You’ve already got an uphill battle because one entrant has already received over 100,000 views.

Spread the love (and possibly some orally transmitted diseases).

The “kissing” concept started as a themed clothing line to help an entrepreneur raise money to send his niece, Kalei, to university. Since, it has grown into a larger scholarship fund, “From Rags To Kisses” that helps orphans go to university.

Ten-percent of the revenue generated by The Million Dollar Kissing Contest will go towards the scholarship fund

So let me get this straight: I can kiss someone, possibly win some serious money, and help a good cause? I’m so done typing.