Kirstie Alley Throws a Phit

Weight gain and weight loss have been a trademark for actress Kirstie Alley, even leading to a series on premium cable network Showtime, Fat Actress. But now, Alley is taking the Web right down the Phitter.

Phitter is a microblogging community, not-so-loosely based on Twitter, including its 140-character limit, focused on fitness, healthy living, weight loss and exercise, while at the same time beating the “ph” versus “f” pun to death.

From the site’s About page:

Phitter is a PHitness PHocused micro-blogging community and gift from Kirstie Alley to enable and encourage talk or “PHit” about fitness, healthy living, weight loss, working out and diet and exercise while making new PHriends in the PHitter-mmunity and having PHatastic PHunPHew!

Kirstie wants you all to use Phitter to better yourselves, your health and well being, AND to help better each other AND, OF COURSE, she’ll be right there with you every step of the way, spittin’ and phittin’ away! You never know when she might show up, but throw her a phit with pheeling just the same she’ll hear you, trust us!

So, come on, throw your first PHIT! Share what you know about fitness, wellness, weight loss, diet, healthy food tips, stores, markets, online sites and whatever; share great links others should know about; and be sure to mention Phitter to your phriends who are on the fitness and weight loss journey, as well! Come on, build a Phitter phamily with us and don’t forget to have PHUN!

When you register for an account at Phitter, (It’s super Phast, really!), you can post small (140 characters or less), text notices about yourself, your experiences with fitness and diet, what you’re doing, health tips, recipe, or cooking tips, workout techniques or gym fashion, which gyms you like, don’t like, or practically anything you want and ESPECIALLY if its about fitness, healthy living, working out, wellness, weight loss or diet.

You can also subscribe to the phits of your friends, or other phabulous Phitter people you’re interested in, and follow them on the Web or in an RSS feed, er, pheed!