Kingdoms of Camelot Makes a Comeback on This Week’s List of Fastest Facebook Gainers by MAU

Despite dating all the way back to November, Kingdoms of Camelot has done a great job of extending its appeal for players. This week the game has staged a comeback to its previous monthly active user highs, leading off our list of the top 20 Facebook gainers by MAU.

Note that while this list usually covers a week-long period, this time it’s 11 days, as Facebook didn’t update its stats for the nine days preceding last Saturday. Here’s the full AppData list:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1.Original Kingdoms of Camelot3,746,121+715,382+24%
2.Original Millionaire City4,627,217+693,631+18%
3.Original FrontierVille21,386,522+651,368+3%
4.Original Bejeweled Blitz11,414,930+628,098+6%
5.Original Baking Life4,087,511+601,044+17%
6.Original Fanglies840,065+572,002+213%
7.Original Fashion World2,867,104+527,306+23%
8.Original Pirates Ahoy555,814+499,907+894%
9.Original SuperFun Town!1,895,303+467,063+33%
10.Original Resort World1,759,144+385,245+28%
11.Original Games4,545,849+329,516+8%
12.Original Nightclub City4,840,116+328,896+7%
13.Original Office Wars822,996+305,385+59%
14.App_2_395067489224_4629 Bar Society831,727+274,065+49%
15.Original Horse Saga (renamed)981,750+262,296+36%
16.Original Make Your Jersey2,427,121+256,464+12%
17.Original Birdland1,098,921+240,883+28%
18.Original Hero World1,763,541+234,119+15%
19.Original My Vineyard1,107,449+233,784+27%
20.Original 德州撲克2,151,583+224,989+12%

A bit more on Kingdoms of Camelot: although the Watercooler game topped out in early June at 3.7 million MAU and is now at that level again, it’s far smaller than other popular sim games. However, as a complex strategy game that may turn off some Facebook players, it also has an advantage: the more in-depth gameplay appears to give the game a much longer lifespan. We recently covered the success of Camelot and similar strategy games on Facebook.

Millionaire City is still doing a great job for developer Digital Chocolate; it’s now the second-largest pure city-building game on Facebook, having beaten out CrowdStar’s Hello City and EA’s My Empire. That’s pretty impressive, considering that Digital Chocolate is many times smaller than those two competitors.

FrontierVille, which was previously dominating the rankings, is still growing but appears to be headed for a plateau in the near future, at least if you compare its current gains to those in previous weeks. Following it, Bejeweled Blitz is another old game that’s adding new players.

We can’t cover the whole list, but there are plenty more games that deserve some attention, including the newer titles that are working their way up the rankings: Fanglies, Pirates Ahoy, SuperFun Town!, Office Wars and Horse Saga.