King of Party offers multiplayer mini-games on iOS and Android

Image via Codigames

Codigames has announced the launch of its new mobile title ‘King of Party,’ which challenges up to four players to earn the best scores they can across a variety of mini-games to find out which player truly is the King (or Queen) of Party. The game was inspired by titles like Nintendo’s Mario Party, and therefore focuses on short play sessions, which work well on mobile.

Players start King of Party with three of the six available mini-games unlocked. The other three can be purchased with 50 Diamonds, or $4.99. Each game utilizes a combination of touch or tilt controls, as players try to last the longest at their current task.

The Skate Run game, for instance, sees players swiping up or down on the screen to force their avatar to jump or duck under obstacles while on a skateboard. The Fitness game is like Simon Says, as players must mimic the workout moves of their trainer at the top of the screen. Finally, the Balance game asks players to tilt their device to keep their avatar balanced on top of a pole. The wind randomly changes direction, so players must combine fast movements with observation to keep their avatar steady as long as possible.

Image via Codigames

King of Party offers limitless singleplayer gameplay on all of these modes, but the focus is on multiplayer games with friends or strangers around the world. Players earn experience points when they compete against others (useful for unlocking the “ranked match” option), but can earn coins even when playing by themselves. These coins are used to purchase new customization options for their avatars, like clothing items and hairstyles.

King of Party is now available to download for free on iOS and Android, and supports cross-platform multiplayer games and international leaderboards. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.