Kickstarter Project Aims to Bring Fashion Shows to the Masses

LES Runway is not just bringing fashion shows to the wide open downtown NYC population. It’s also turning to the masses on the Internet to help bring the project to life.

Cheryl Maleh and Grand Opening have turned to Kickstarter to launch LES Runway in September.Kickstarter is already a popular site for those creative types trying to raise funds for creative ideas across publishing, music, film, and other areas. Certainly fashion is no different.

This project opens up opportunities for other local designers who, for a small contribution, can host their own fashion show and be part of an event that’s interactive on a few different levels.

Maleh’s plan is for small designers to contribute as little as $12 and she’ll provide the space, the models, and other logistical needs. And, according to the pitch, you’ll also have the chance to be part of a panel discussion with “industry leaders.” There are two more weeks to contribute.

For attendees, not only can they see a runway show, they can also purchase what comes down the catwalk. And this event would take place in September, the same month as the big Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week shows, so even those without connections at the tents can have a piece of the fashion show pie.

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