Kickstarter’s Melon Headband and App Tracks Productivity by Sensing Brainwave Activity

The Melon headband is a brain-sensing device that monitors brain activities while you are studying, dancing, or just doing yoga to help you track your progress and productivity.

At Melon we are really interested in the idea of Understood Self, which we are trying to add to the movement of Quantified Self. We want people to have a great feedback system for the data we’re capturing, so it can help with the activities users already do day-to-day, go beyond numbers and scores, and move towards insights and understanding.

Melon launched its Kickstarter campaign only three days ago and has already received 110% of its funding goal. It’s no surprise because the product is innovative and the accompanying app is a beautiful and simpley. The app allows you to get personalized tips when your focus level gets low. If that doesn’t work, you can try one of its focusing game – fold a paper crane simply by making your mind more focused. It is a Jedi mind trick.

Here’s how Melon measures your brain’s activity:

The brain consists of billions of interconnected neurons. When a single neuron fires, it creates an almost imperceptible amount of electrical charge. During normal waking states, millions of neurons are firing collectively in your brain. The cumulative electrical activity that results can be measured on the forehead as brainwaves. Melon measures this global electrical activity by placing three electrodes on the forehead region, with the primary electrode on FP1. This allows Melon to monitor brainwave activity in the pre-frontal cortex.