Kickstarter Celebrates $1 Billion in Pledges

kickstarter303Social crowdfunding site, Kickstarter, reached $1 Billion in pledges today. To celebrate, the company made a website to share its incredible statistics.

To date, Kickstarter’s $1 Billion mark has brought in 5.7 million users from 224 countries on all seven continents, most of which was in the last 12 months alone. Not surprisingly, a large percentage of those donations came from the US, followed by the UK – $663 Million to $54 Million, respectively.  Kickstarter also recognized some of its more prolific and prominent users like Neil Gaiman, a celebrity figure who continues to share and support hundreds of projects to Hope Leman, the site’s very first project backer.

Some other interesting statistics include, the best day of the week to receive pledges is Wednesday and the best day of the month is the 13th.  Coincidentally, March 13, 2013 received over $4 Million in pledges from over 54 thousand users. All of that pledging adds up to approximately 57,121 funded projects, though we’re not exactly sure if all of those actually ever came to fruition.