KickOn Launches Party Discovery App in the US

KickOnAustralian party app KickOn has officially launched in the US, bringing with it an event discovery platform that connects party attendees to party throwers in a service described as Tinder, but for parties. With KickOn, a party host uses the app to setup their event, and can make it discoverable by users, even if they’ve never met. From there, other users can request to attend the event and the party host has the option of accepting or declining these requests.

KickOn is aimed primarily at college students, as users must enter their university during the profile creation stage. Once users have created an account, they can browse nearby parties, swiping right to send a request to attend the event, or swiping left to pass on the party.

When creating a party, users enter a title for the event, a description, an address (which is kept private), and the date and time it will be held. Users can also add a cover photo to the event to give it more personality.

As the party host receives requests from potential attendees, they can choose users to invite based on their profile information and in-app reputation. The app comes with self-regulating rules that help ensure a positive experience for all users. If people are charismatic and fun to be around, users can mark them as MVPs, or “most valuable partiers.” If, on the other hand, users aren’t so well-behaved, they can be flagged in the system as “party poopers.”

Only those individuals that are cleared to attend an event receive a “Kicket,” a unique, scannable code that can be shown to the host when the attendee arrives. In addition, users only see a party’s address after they’ve been cleared to attend.

“Five years ago, the thought of using an app to go on a date based only on a photograph was unheard of – but look at the success of Tinder. We’re using the same philosophy to enable private parties to be open to new and socially sought-after attendees. It gives introverts, extroverts and everyone in between the opportunity and confidence to host house parties like never before and invite people they want party with – even if they’ve never met them,” said Charles Stewart, CEO of KickOn, in a statement.

KickOn is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.

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