KFC Gave Up on Its New Years Resolutions Long Ago

Stunt product for the (diabetic) win


Typically, when the ball goes down and the streamers litter all of Times Square (or where ever you imbibe for the New Year), the resolutions to lose weight and get your butt in a gym begin immediately. Even fast casual and drive-thru establishments consider how to help consumers keep those dietary resolutions…for a while.

Last night, we discovered that KFC has thrown up its chicken gizzards and determined that its core demographic isn’t hearing it…so they introduced the Double Down Dog.

As your arteries begin to clog and blood hardens inside your veins, check out that picture.

Now, before you begin calling your local establishment, Business Insider told us that only 50 Double Down Dogs will be available for purchase today at participating locations…in the Philippines. Certainly, the fetching concoction will make its way stateside, much like KFC’s Double Down sandwich did back in 2010. Only this is a fried chicken sammich with a hot dog smothered in whatever condiment pleases you.

Press bomb aside, Bloomberg’s Kim Bhasin caught the thing in its natural habitat wearing its “I just woke up” faec:

What’s that aphorism? “All publicity is good publicity?” We’ll see what’s trending when fast food fans try to fit their hamhocks into their khakis in a few weeks.