Kentucky Wildcats Head Coach John Calipari Is a Social-Media Champion

With the Kansas Jayhawks’ shocking elimination from the 2010 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship at the hands of the Northern Iowa Panthers, the Kentucky Wildcats are the de facto favorites, which isn’t the most comfortable position to be in. But according to The New York Times, Kentucky head coach John Calipari has already wrapped up the social-media title.

Calipari has collected more than 1.1 million Twitter followers and more than 138,000 Facebook Fans, and the Times reported that his Coach Cal application for the iPhone and iPod Touch has been purchased more than 6,000 times in its first month of availability. And his Web site attracts more than 100,000 weekly page views.

Calipari told the Times, “If you’re not doing it, you’re behind,” and Dave Scott, who co-wrote Calipari’s book, Bounce Back: Overcoming Setbacks to Succeed in Business and in Life, and who assists Calipari with his Web initiatives, added, “He’s using it for good, not evil. There are ways to use it not just to keep people informed, but to get people to realize that this is bigger than basketball. He wants to be on the cutting edge. He wants to see things that are new and try them out. If they work, stick with them. If they don’t, tweak them and try to make them work.”