Facebook SPMD Kenshoo unveils demand-driven Facebook marketing tool

A just-launched marketing tool tracks product-specific consumer preferences and adjusts social ads accordingly to further drive that demand.

Kenshoo Social, a Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer in ads, introduced a program that integrates data from inventory systems, product catalogs and other metrics to identify and advertise the most relevant products on Facebook. Demand-Driven Campaigns (DDC), announced this week at Shop.org Annual Summit 2013, automatically create Facebook ads for top-performing products and keep those ads updated through dynamic product traits like brand, color, price and supply.

The new program supports all options that target Facebook audiences, including Partner Categories, Lookalike Audiences and Custom Audience exclusion, allowing marketers to specifically define new prospects and keep current customers. Paired with Kenshoo Social’s Facebook Exchange solutions, advertisers can now make a close-loop direct response program on the social network.

In a test, Kenshoo Social DDC slashed time-to-market for Facebook ads by 75 percent. Plus:

  • Click-through rate increased 62 percent
  • Cost-per-action decreased 45 percent
  • Cost-per-click decreased 23 percent
  • Conversion rates increased 41 percent
  • Return on investment increased 62 percent

Sam Bloom, GM Interactive at Camelot Communications, says the new program takes the uncertainty out of product placement:

Advertisers have found it challenging to anticipate which products are likely to perform well on Facebook and maintain consistent performance and spend. With Demand-Driven Campaigns, Kenshoo Social has found the way to make Facebook an ‘always-on’ channel and has removed much of the guesswork and expense of product-level advertising on Facebook by leveraging powerful performance signals from other channels.

Will Martin-Gill, Senior Vice President of Product at Kenshoo, says DDC marketing relieves marketers of a tedious task and frees them up to focus on more forward-thinking projects:

Search campaigns and inventory feeds have helped marketers gauge product demand for more than a decade, but the process has always required a lot of manual time and attention to ensure products performing well in one channel get the promotional attention they deserve in others. With Demand-Driven Campaigns, Kenshoo Social replaces the labor-intensive process with an automated approach that enables direct response marketers to leverage Facebook as an evergreen and profitable marketing channel.


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