Kelly Cutrone Lands Reality Show for Her Fashion PR Firm, People’s Revolution

Looking to get an inside look into the world of fashion PR? Kelly Cutrone, owner of fashion PR firm People’s Revolution, has landed a reality show for the firm. Cutrone, known for her role on MTV’s The Hills, will be working with original Project Runway producers Magical Elves on the show.

In regards to how the show came about, Cutrone tells PRNewser, “I signed a deal with Magical Elves as an executive producer for my own show. We’re shopping it to networks. The deal I have is to Magical Elves, and then we have several meetings set up.”

So how will People’s Revolution work with their clients, in regards to if and how they appear on the show? “One of the things about being an executive producer, it allows us a great range of control with checks and balances that we’ve never had to this point,” said Cutrone. “One of the things that’s interesting about this is it’s a new platform. That being said, I won’t put a gun to anyone’s head and say ‘you need to be on TV.'”

Cutrone obviously realizes this could deliver incredible exposure for the People’s Revolution brand. “I kind of followed the Vogue lead, going forward,” she said, in reference to Teen Vogue‘s association with The Hills. “I also understand that I’m taking a risk. The more people that you invite to be part of your world, the quicker they want to watch you fall. I can’t be on TV forever.”

When asked what network she would like to see the show on, Cutrone exclaimed, “Any network that will stand by us. I’m looking to the Magical Elves to answer that. I’m certainly not going to teach them how to shop a show.” According to Variety, the Elves are “starting with NBC Universal, where the shingle has a first-look deal.”

However, Cutrone stated, “William Morris agency was a really big player in this. I used to rep them a long time ago. When all of this stuff happened, I was like ‘You know, I should probably call an agent.’ And I called the William Morris agency, which was like choosing to eat at the restaurant after you work in the kitchen.”

It didn’t take long after that, Cutrone said. “They suggested meeting with the Magical Elves. It was the only meeting I took.”

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