Keezy: A Beat Boxing App Demonstration by Reggie Watts

There are plenty of music apps out there, but how many are endorsed by Reggie Watts? He’s a natural human sound machine capable of exhaling hilarious and melodic noise at the drop of an iPhone. Below, you can see him performing with the free Keezy beatboxing app.

Unlike a lot of other complex music apps,  Keezy’s bright colors and simple interface makes it really easy to get started on your beat boxing career. Just find something noisy and act like you’re Reggie Watts.

You get 8 keys. Press & hold to record a sound. Tap to play back. That’s it – easy Keezy!
Stuff you can do with Keezy:
– Record grunts and beatbox with your fingers
– Harmonize with your own voice
– Blast your own samples over music at a party
– Make an insult generator & diss your friends
– Sample an entire octave of a piano or something
– Whatever you want – even farts!!

Some users are reporting that it’s hard to delete recorded soundbites –  to do so, make sure it’s not being played, then, a black dot should appear that gives you a full menu.