Katie Couric Asks Facebook Users About Obama's First 100 Days

Last week Katie Couric decided to ask Facebook users about their thoughts on Obama’s first 100 days in office. The reward for users? The possibility of having their video clip used in a live webcast on Wednesday. There has been a decent response so far, with around 20 – 25 submissions in the past day. I took the time to watch some of the responses, many of which are pretty entertaining (I’ve included a video of the responses below).
This isn’t the first time that internet users have been asked to voice their political opinions. Back in 2007, the first YouTube debates were held and in 2008 the first ever Facebook Debates took place. Both events were a step toward real-time interaction with the audience although there is still a filtering process to ensure offensive content doesn’t get on air.

Over the past 6 months, celebrities and large media personalities have flocked to Facebook and Twitter in droves to interact directly with their fan base. Katie Couric is no exception and she is even taking a participatory approach in asking users to submit 20 second video clips. Interesting enough, most videos that were submitted appear to go beyond 20 seconds, many even broaching the one minute length.
One mother submitted her video with gripes about how horrible Obama’s first hundred days have been. Within hours both of her daughters submitted almost identical videos to complain about how horrible Obama has been. Another user, Peter Faust, posted a relatively entertaining minute and a half video in which he poorly articulates his thoughts on Obama despite the 20 second limit that was posted by Katie Couric.
Fortunately, if you want to have your voice heard, you can still submit your videos to Katie Couric’s public profile. Check out the video below which highlights some of the videos submitted so far.