Kanye West Spends Saturday Night Retweeting Lines from his new Album

What did you do Saturday night? While we all can’t be hitting up the clubs and partying til dawn, we wouldn’t think twice if Kanye West was. But the rapper/producer and Twitter celebrity stayed in on Saturday, getting a bit of an ego boost from his followers. He asked them to tweet their favorite lines from his latest album, retweeting those he deemed best.

West spent hours on Saturday retweeting his own lyrics from “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” as followers dashed them out in 140-characters. He started the night off by asking:

“Man wut yall think was the best line on MY BEAUTIFUL DARK TWISTED FANTASY???”

West went on to tweet 9 of his own apparent favorite lines, including a few censored ones. He then began tweeting his followers’ responses, for the next several hours.

This isn’t something new for the musician. He has been using Twitter for some time to stroke his ego and air his “words of wisdom”, holding nothing back in terms of eccentricity.

His Twitter account has provided fodder for parody like no other. Some of his choice tweets have been reenacted by kids for hilarious results, and Josh Groban has even made a video promoting his newest “album” sung to West’s tweets.

All of this attention is apparently not enough for West, who had to spend last Saturday retweeting lines to his own songs for some self-gratification.All of West’s showboating does make sense, however, when you put this need for attention into the context of the third line that West himself tweeted on Saturday:

“Hard to be humble when you stunting on a jumbotron”