Kanno: A $119 Computer and Coding Kit for All Ages

Computers are fun and coding can be fun, but it’s often not. Then, comes Kano. It’s a simple any-age computer Kit for $99 ($119 includes shipping). It doesn’t come with a monitor, you’ll need to supply your own, but that’s hardly a challenge when you’ve got a simple learning platform to code your own games.

Check out these girls talking about their Kano:

Kano comes with all of the necessary hardware to put together a simple computer, but it’s going to be able to do much more once developers get their hands on the open source code. Since the machine is small, you’ll only be able to use it to take baby coding steps, but it’s certainly not restricted to kids. Kano’s model is fine for any age – in fact, it looks a lot more interesting than my intro-level coding course in college.

Kano’s Kickstarter project has already more than doubled its goal in two days. To purchase your own kit, head over to Kickstarter.