Kabam to bring China’s leading web game, JJSG, to browser in the West

Image via Kabam

Social and mobile game developer and publisher Kabam has announced it has been selected as the publisher for JJSG, or “Three Kingdoms Action” in the West, a strategy role-playing title that is China’s No. 1 web game, according to the Baidu Index.

The game allows hundreds of players to enter into online battles over virtual territory, and is China’s most popular web game, having more than 180 web game platforms as promotion partners.

The existing JJSG experience will be given a “Medieval / Arthurian” theme before its release in the West, while other game features will be changed or at least modified and/or balanced to better draw in Western players.

“Our licensing of JJSG shows yet again how Kabam can work with the world’s most exciting and innovative programmers to bring their games to even wider audiences,” said Kevin Chou, co-founder and CEO of Kabam, in a company statement. “Game companies, wherever they are located, are realizing that Kabam is becoming the go-to company when they want to expose their titles to the opportunities outside of their home markets.”

The partnership for JJSG marks a continuation of Kabam’s strategy to help bring Asian games to Western markets with support for localization, translation, analytics tracking, marketing, user acquisition, player retention and more. Kabam previously announced plans to bring Wartune to the West, another Chinese web game that was co-developed for mobile by 7th Road and Hoolai Games.

Kabam has confirmed to Inside Social Games that JJSG will be released in the west as a browser game, but no specific time table for release has been revealed.